Cats Photography Competition

 23rd Apr 2012

View bug have just launched a competition all about capturing our feline friends. Terms state that images should show cats as the main subject. All submissions will be judged on creativity, originality, quality and effectiveness in showing the contest theme. View Bug will accept Colour, B & W, RAW and medium formats.There is a limit of two entries per person and you must own all legal rights to images submitted.

A few tips to remember when photographing cats: cats are a very independent breed and really the only way to photograph them is on their terms. Waking a dozing cat and expecting it to perform for the camera could be painful for both parties, especially the human with their vulnerable skin!! One of the first things that you can do to immediately improve your cat photographs is to get down on the floor. When you stand above them and take photos looking down, cats look small and are dwarfed by the scenery around them.Once you're down at their level, you can take portraits head-on, which also increases your chances that the cat will actually be looking at the camera. At the end of the day following your cat with a camera is about your only option, and opportunities to get a great shot will be few and far between, so a lot of patience is required.
Want to enter competitions like this, but don't feel you have the necessary skills, Photography Courses are a great learning tool.
Terris cat
Images are to be uploaded to View Bug and the winner will recieve a Table Dolly. Last date for entries are June 20th 2012

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