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Photography courses vs Photography workshops

 23rd Feb 2021

Which is the best choice for you? A photography course or a photography workshop?

I offer workshops both in the UK and abroad plus a range of exciting courses you can do from home. 

Deciding which is the best learning opportunity for you depends on you ultimately. However in this blog I want to offer as much guidance as I can for you to make an informed decision. 

We’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Then we will consider the benefits of each option. 

It’s really critical that your experience is valuable and that you leave armed with an arsenal of tools to upskill your photography. Let’s see which would work best for you.

Photography courses

From beginner to perfect pictures - I have the expertise and the course to help you achieve your photography goals.

I offer three online courses:

  1. The Masterclass in Photography
  2. 7 Building Blocks of Photography (combining 7 Steps to Workflow Mastery)
  3. 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures Lightroom

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages first.

Advantages of photography courses

Firstly, when you do an online photography course you can work through it at home at your own pace. We know that life can get in the way so you have options to pause your course when you don’t have the time. Otherwise it’s a weekly lesson followed by lots of practice. You can also skip ahead if you’re an eager beaver!

When you choose your photography course you are picking the level you are comfortable with. This makes it easier for you to apply yourself because you’re working towards learning planned objectives that meet your specific needs.

Additionally, you have the freedom to choose when you practice and work it around your lifestyle.

A photography course also gives you the opportunity to get the fundamentals you need to enhance your photography skills. 

Lastly, photography courses are affordable. Especially considering the value you get in return!

Disadvantages of photography courses

Every coin has a flipside! Let’s have a look at what some of the potential disadvantages could be for choosing a photography course over a workshop.

If you are jumping head first into a course - that’s awesome! But you will need to create your own source of motivation. The course can offer you the opportunity to improve but you need to put aside time to invest into your photography journey.

When you opt for a photography course you get the lessons and support but not the hands-on guidance that you would have with a workshop. If you’re trying to learn the core features of your camera and get some practice in then this won’t matter but if you are interested in a fast paced learning environment with expert guidance then a workshop is a better option.

Photography courses are a unique experience for you. There may be some fellow students at the same place as you that you can connect with through the facebook group but chances are you’ll be flying solo. This takes away the chance to learn from others. 


View all the available photography courses here.

Photography workshops

photography workshops 011

I love the photography workshops and always look forward to seeing what great characters we have on them and what adventures we will find!


Photography workshops will help you:

  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images
  • Work on understanding light
  • Exploit focal lengths creatively
  • Explain how to find settings to achieve Your image
  • Go in depth with the photographers thought process

They will not:

  • Explain what each knob and button does
  • Delve into camera menus (each camera is different)
  • Preach about which camera / lens / kit is 'best'
  • Promote gadgets and tech
  • Do settings for you (You'll learn how to find your own)

We do regular workshops in Mudeford and Edinburgh in the UK and further afield to; Lanzarote, Zurich and Morocco.

I love how skillful your storytelling becomes when you’re in a new environment. Let’s look at some core advantages for workshops!

Advantages of photography workshops

The hands-on experience that workshops offer is a clear advantage for me. You aren’t distracted by work or life and your entire focus is on your photography. It’s a brilliant learning opportunity!

You’re on an adventure with like-minded people. You can learn so much from each other through experience and errors alike.

Your mentor is on hand! I am there with my decades of passion and photography knowledge every step of the way to guide you through your upskilling.

It’s fast paced. You can’t hit pause and revisit it in a few days. We’re out there, we’re excited and we’re pushing ourselves and our photography way beyond any comfort zones!

Finally, it isn’t just a learning opportunity. Photography workshops offer you the whole experience. You have the tools to improve your photography, be immersed in a new culture and make new friends. It’s a once in a lifetime trip (although many come back for more!)


Disadvantages of photography workshops

Photography workshops sound so wonderful! What are the disadvantages?

Firstly, the cost. This isn’t a skill earning course that you can purchase for a hundred quids. The abroad workshops are a week long learning opportunity and the price tag reflects that. The value you will get is more than worth the money but you also need to factor in flights, accommodation, food and spending money.

The workshops run in groups which means that you are working at a group pace. This doesn’t mean you can’t peel off and do your own thing but it does limit you if you’d like to do your own thing all the time. We have planned excursions for specific shooting on particular days so you do have to stick to an itinerary if you don’t want to miss out!

Chances are you will be out of your comfort zone. This is a disadvantage for many but once they get there I can assure you they feel very supported by myself and the group. Pushing yourself beyond your normal can be overwhelming whereas a course from the comfort of your own home doesn’t demand that from you. 


View all the upcoming workshops here.

What is it going to be?

A photography course or a photography workshop?

Photography course  /  Photography workshop

Whichever you choose you will take massive steps in your photography capability. That’s a Mike Browne guarantee!

I can’t wait to see you on a course or workshop soon!

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