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Amateur photographers have royal company

 12th Mar 2012


It appears that an interest in amateur photography is something of a royal pursuit, with the Duchess of Cambridge reported to have taken an interest.
Prince William's wife is thought to be considering staging an exhibition of her own photographs in a bid to gather funds for her patronages. 
A royal source told the Telegraph: “Photography is a great passion for the Duchess and she continues to pursue it avidly. It is a real release for her and she takes her work very seriously. 
“She knows a lot of photographers and bounces her work off them and has considered staging an exhibition of her works at some point in the future, possibly in aid of one or several of the organisations she supports.”
The source added that she is aware of her “unique position” in comparison to other amateur photographers who will have had to work hard to achieve the kind of notoriety her images will enjoy thanks to her name. Be one step ahead of the Royals and learn all you can though Photography Courses Photography Videos.
However, the source noted that the Duchess would be grateful for time to continue to develop her photography skills in private before her work is exposed to public scrutiny.

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