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Amateur photographer captures night sky

 6th Jan 2012


An amateur photographer has managed to capture some amazing images of the night sky using just his digital camera. Mike Browne can show you how to take full control of your camera to learn tricks of night time photography and more at Photography Videos
The 51-year-old rocket engineer took the pictures to highlight the relative insignificance of the planet in the larger universe.
Bret Webster told National Geographic magazine, in which the photographs appear, that he feels a “deep affinity or the Utah desert”, from which the images were captured.
“I took my wife's new Nikon camera three years ago and I having been a return visitor to the national parks of Utah I know where some of the best spots are,” he added. “For me, the pictures that manage to bring in the ancient American native rock paintings and the Milky Way are the most powerful.”
It has taken him time to find the best spots within the desert and he has had to hike for hours to reach areas that are isolated enough to capture the starlight. 
Mr Webster added that he has only been taking he pictures for three years, revealing just how far an amateur photographer can come when they really practice their craft.
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