Amateur photographer reaches personal milestone

 14th Dec 2011


An amateur photographer has reached a personal milestone and managed to take a new photograph everyday for 500 days. For complete beginners Photography Courses shows you how to start taking great images.
Joe Tully, who lives in County Wicklow, told himself he would take a photograph every day and post it on blipfoto.com, where people with similar interests could view his work.
Mr Tully told The Wicklow People: “The site encourages photographers to shoot and upload a photo every day. Some people do it once a week or every few days but I liked the idea of uploading a new photograph every day.”
He added that the website has given him an insight into new places around the world that he will probably never get the chance to visit, as well as allowing him to communicate with photographers from around the world and gain a new insight on things. 
On top of this, his personal challenge has helped him to look at the world in a different way. Developing a 'seeing eye' through regular practise of photography has improved his ability to “notice a picture opportunity in even the smallest details of the world around us”.
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