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Young photographer wanted to photograph Rap Star

 13th Oct 2011


If you're a member of our online photography videos or are just interested in taking on a photographic challenge - ACE are a young people's charity looking for a photographer to shoot a Rap star.

Here's a copy of their email asking if Jayne and I could help.
Hi Mike 
I am contacting photography schools to see if any graduate or advanced student photographers woul like to do a photoshoot for a project that we are working on.  
We are ACE, a group that assists targetted young adults to greatly improve their skills in society and the workplace, to improve their future and prospects.  A part of our programme we have created a record company that has signed a rapper from Chicago (think 50 cent with less bling) to release on iTunes a single that he has produced and we are remixing.  
We need a photoshoot to get some shots for PR and the launch - some thing very simple but the lighting is obviously something that needs to look professional.  As we are largely a voluntary project we do not have a budget but hope that a new photographer would like the challenge and result. 
The shoot will be in the week of the 26th October.  I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
Best wishes, Nicole Arter
If you or someone you know can help please contact Nicole through the website or by email
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