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Make More Free Photography Videos

Mike BrowneFrom the amazing comments we get every day, we know you love our videos. We aim to make two per month and each one takes an average of 20 hours to plan, film, edit, upload and publicise, which is a considerable time commitment. In order to keep the free videos coming we need your help…

The cost of making free videos is supported entirely by a small amount of advertising revenue (around $300 / $400 per month), people buying my courses and workshops, or making small donations.

By helping us - you benefit too as we continue to make more of the films you love at no charge to you. And help others in parts of the world where their economy prevents them affording my paid for training. Doesn't it feel great to know you're putting a little bit back and helping others...?

Help us spread the word...

By regularly doing any of the following you will make a massive difference

  • Post links back to us on photography forums, blogs and social media sites
  • Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube
  • Clicking the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons
  • Tell your friends at the Camera Club about us
  • Leave comments when you love the videos - and tell us how to improve
  • Photography students, ­please tell your tutor and class mates about us

We create the videos and keep them coming - ­ you help us by spreading the word online and offline. In this way we hope to be making new films for many years to come.

Make a Donation

and you're helping cover the cost of making more free videos for everyone

  • £3 recurring monthly donation really makes a difference over time
  • £10 one off donation  0.0016 BTC = £10 [30.07.18]

Whatever value you feel appropriate is truly appreciated.

Thank you. 

donate with Paypal or card

Suggested 0.0016 BTC

Whether you share a link, tell a friend or make a donation - You Rock :-)

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