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Photography Training Even If You're Just Starting

 3rd Mar 2020

Photography appeals to you - it’s a great hobby, gets you outdoors and will push your boundaries. You’re interested but not sure how to start and that’s okay. The art of photography can be overwhelming. There are so many experts and multiple paths of learning which can be enough to make you want to put it off.

But remember, everyone has to start somewhere! I’ve written this handy blog so you know what your options are, are clear on the investment needed and have some top tips to get going.

Free Tutorials

I have invested a lot of time into creating a library of free resources so that you have an introduction to photography at your fingertips. Recording tutorial videos has been part of my business since the beginning and it’s something I love doing because it offers photographers the platform they need to figure out the basics and learn some of the more intermediate stuff for no cost at all.

The videos are also the perfect introduction to who I am as a teacher as well as a photographer. I have been lucky enough to work alongside and interview some heavy hitters and I hope you find their passion as inspiring as I do.

You can find all the videos here but I want to make it really easy for you so I recommend you start with these five;

Once you’ve watched these - set aside some practice time and go out and try different things!

Online Photography Courses

If you are just starting out and you’ve watched hours of me jabbering on in the free tutorials you’re probably ready for your next challenge. The Masterclass in Photography is an intimate journey with your camera, getting to know it and how to use it with an expert’s guidance. If you are generally snap happy and pick the best from a bunch of auto photos - this is where you want to be. I designed this course to help beginners come out of the shadow of their cameras. I wanted them to be the reason the photo was a keeper - because they were in control of the moment and used their camera effectively. 

There are so many features on new cameras and they can make anyone a little flustered - all you need is five main controls. My ethos is ‘cameras don’t pictures, people do’ and this course is taking the power away from the equipment and into your very capable hands.

There are thousands of photography courses out there so be sure to do your research and choose the right one for you. 

My Masterclass in Photography Course is only £69.99, no hidden costs. There is a 60 day money back guarantee because I believe in the core lessons I’m teaching and I know they will help you get to where you want to be.


Starting your photography journey is a really exciting time - the whole world is about to look different to you. You will start seeing everything through a viewfinder even when you aren’t armed with your camera. Online photography courses are great because you can learn from the comfort of your own home (bar the venturing out to practice skills) and if you’re a little nervous you can quietly get on with it at your own pace. 

Online course's are great if you want to sharpen your knowledge or hone your skills but I am a huge advocate of community especially when it comes to photography, I’ll talk a little more about this later.

Photography Workshops

Photographers blossom in photography workshops. They are with a bunch of like minded people who share a passion and they’re out exploring the world.

It’s magical.


I run workshops all over the place and people love them so much that I have regulars that I see year after year. 

Throwing yourself into a four day workshop that includes air travel might not be what you’re looking for and that’s okay. I run a one day beginners workshop in Dorset which is perfect if you’re just starting out.

£135 per person for a day of learning about;

  • Why cameras get it wrong
  • Controlling exposure
  • How to use different lenses and zooms for brilliant photos
  • Simple strategy for amazing compositions

Followed by an afternoon of practice including loads of one to one time!

photography-workshops 060

If you’d rather not join a group, I also offer one to one photography training. I will spend a whole day with you teaching you the fundamentals and heading out to practice your skills. I love these days because seeing a photographer flourish is up there with my favourite things!

After a one to one day you will have gleaned knowledge that you just wouldn’t pick up in other scenarios because of how much time we spend together. It’s a brilliant choice if you’re eager to learn but not interested in a group situation or if you just want to have a more intense learning experience. 

Read Peter Torokfalvy's personal of review of a 121 with me.

These are the warm up options before the big guns...

If you’re itching for an adventure and a life changing experience then there are some amazing options for you.

International workshops are phenomenal. They give you new skills, push you out of your comfort zone, new cultural exposure, brilliant photo opportunities and an experience that will stay with you forever. Whether you prefer ice or fire, we have it all and I guarantee we have something that’s right up your street. 

The masterclass workshops are 2 days long and take place in either Zurich or Edinburgh.



If you’re interested in something a little meatier then we do a 5 day workshop in Lanzarote and if you’re hungry for something even bigger we run a workshop in Iceland for 9 days

1322 Lanz 2015-281

1319 Iceland-213

The benefits of a workshop such as these are the skill sharing, the camaraderie and photo opportunities you won’t get at home. 

Workshops will help you;

  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images
  • Work on understanding light
  • Exploit focal lengths creatively
  • Explain how to find settings to achieve Your image
  • Go in depth with the photographers thought process

Definitely something you should work towards on your photography journey. Here’s a live video I did answering loads of workshop related questions with some great input from previous attendees.


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Joining a photography group is so important. I am a huge advocate of communities who share interests and there are so many ways to get involved with other photographers. You can join a Facebook group and share your images, you could look up local photography clubs or attend photography days out in your area. Connecting with other photographers who are also learning is a wonderful way to share skills, build each other up and form friendships that transcend photography. 


We have a host of stories from our students who narrate their photography journey, they are really inspiring and may give you the confidence you need to take the first step, read them here. Even if you’re just starting out on your photography journey, there are so many ways to up your skills and improve your photography overall. 

I hope to see your story up alongside the other students soon!


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