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How to Get Started Learning Photography

 18th Feb 2020

Photography is magic. It is a way of capturing moments that we want to hold onto forever. Wedding photos, baby photos, trips of a lifetime all come to mind. It is also a way to challenge ourselves - to think outside the box and to push the limits of what we think we are capable of.

Learning photography is really exciting and my favourite part about new people jumping in and wanting to learn is watching them grow throughout their photography training. But how does one start this life changing journey? 

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The key to pretty much everything is motivation. You need to want to pursue photography and be excited about it whether as a hobby or a career change. 

Photography can be expensive in kit and caboodle but there are so many ways that you can learn valuable skills absolutely free, once you have your camera (which doesn’t have to be brand new or top of the line!)

The motivation comes in time investment. You need to get out and hunt for shots, you have to get practicing and take your time. Sometimes taking hundreds of shots of the exact same still life just to see how different composition or light affects the final image!


What are YOUR goals? 

This is really important because it will dictate how you approach photography. If you are expressing yourself and need an outlet, then you can take your time and enjoy the process.

If you are eager to profit from your work, you need to be much more focused. You will need to find out where the opportunities are and learn specifically for them before branching out. 

Photography was the answer when I was at a crossroads, but for you it might be more about being able to take lovely photographs of your family. 

Either way, you will need to learn the core skills of photography which include how to use your camera, recognise the photo opportunities and learn the skills for post production!


What photography training will you need?

I mentioned free training earlier...we have over 300 free videos that will teach you the basics and the not so basics of photography.

You can follow along with the assignments and put the lessons into practice without spending so much as a penny. 

Once you have these skills under your belt and you’d like to go a little deeper there are several options. 

We run online photography courses that I have created with people like you in mind. They are designed to get you from beginner to advanced through a series of coaching, that new photographers feel really comfortable with. 

You can read some of the inspiring stories from previous students here

Done a photography course and ready to push your own boundaries?

Photography workshops are life changing. We go to Iceland, Zurich, Lanzarote and Myanmar annually. It is always an exciting learning curve that the attendees really thrive on!

So if you are a complete newbie or just a bit rusty, use the free training I have created for you to get yourself in the picture before committing to a photography course or photography workshop. 

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I’m not sure…

Starting something new can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to invest yourself time wise or financially. 

If you don’t have a camera and aren’t ready to buy one - borrow one from a friend. Failing that you can rent a camera. If you really aren’t sure, watch the free photography training videos and then take your phone out. You won’t be able to manipulate your images but you will be able to use a phone to practice the basics of light and composition which will give you a feel for photography!

I’ve given you a great place to start. You can watch the free videos in the comfort of your home and make notes on what you learn.

Maybe you’re embarrassed that your photos won’t be very good. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just like going for that walk is better than not going, giving it a go is better than not trying at all. 

Is time a concern? There is no fast track way to learn these skills because it takes practice, practice and more practice, but unless you’re in a hurry - start with 15 minutes a day. Take a short walk and practice some of the skills you’ve learnt!

You won’t have professional photos the first time you pick up a camera (unless you have a remarkably natural flair) so don’t look at professional work and think it just happens! 

I want to be a photographer

And you will be young padawan.

Deciding to pursue a passion or dream is the first step. The next step is knowledge followed closely by a commitment to practice. 

I am here to guide you on your journey to becoming a photographer. 

And as the friendliest photography coach I strongly support;

  • That cameras don’t take photos, people do
  • There are no stupid questions
  • Every image is a learning opportunity
  • Whether you are just starting out or a veteran looking for updated tips - you are all welcome
  • Practice makes all the difference

I look forward to you jumping in. I am here to guide you through the videos and the blog. The courses and workshops are available if you’re ready for them. 

I love helping people start thinking like a photographer, so get in touch if you need some guidance!


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