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Asia-workshops-BTS-7Simon and I had a total blast with these guys in October. Good people, great fun and amazing photography by Bartosk, Laila, Marie, Robin and Pat, pictured here. This was Laila's first time on one of my workshops and it was great to welcome her into the gang.

We asked each if them to select their top five favourites and here they are, all watermarked so you know who shot what. Some great images and all in the photographer's own unique style. I love how photographers make something different from the same locations and ingredients and these guys rocked it...

Here's a gallery of their images - plus a few by Simon and I because we didn't want to feel left out ;-) Enjoy...

Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-15Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-23Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-261385-Vietnam-110Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-14Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-34Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-03marie and girlsMike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-22Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-16Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-35Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-06Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-191385-Vietnam-2018-84Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-33Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-24Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-02Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-12Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-20Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-21Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-07Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-28Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-32Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-08Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-27Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-17Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-01Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-04Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-18Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-13Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-11Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-30Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-05Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-10Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-29Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-25Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-09Mike-Browne-Photography-Vietnam-311385-Vietnam-2018-198








Melissa & I Recce The Mekong

melissa-and-mikeAfter the workshop Melissa and I flew down to the Mekong to research new locations for 2019. Neither of us have been there before so we teamed up with Mekong Plus, an organisation that's been helping poor families out of poverty, micro financing social enterprise projects, educating and sponsoring kids through school since 1994.

They were our hosts, guides and interpreters and showed us around this huge region where we visited some of their projects which are in themselves rich in imagery, some are in the gallery below. I'd love to take you guys there but sadly it's not logistically possible.

However if you choose to come and have a travel photography adventure with us next year, Simon and I will donate 10% of your fee to help them keep up the good work. 

Here's a gallery of what was an awesome photo adventure, us having a great laugh doing it and some of the lovely people we met along the way. There's even some shots of Melissa 'modelling' one of Mekong Plus's Bamboo Bikes... 

1386 Mekong-4531386 Mekong-672-HDR1386 Mekong-537mekongquilt-(28-of-38)1386 Mekong-4441386 Mekong-3941386 Mekong-4271386 Mekong-440mekong recce41386 Mekong-4311386 Mekong-4611386 Mekong-5341386 Mekong-4841386 Mekong-5061386 Mekong-4151386 Mekong-8501386 Mekong-880mekongquilt-(9-of-38)1386 Mekong-184mekong recce21386 Mekong-4101386 Mekong-4711386 Mekong-494mekong recce51386 Mekong-4691386 Mekong-4661386 Mekong-499mekongquilt-(37-of-38)1386 Mekong-13031386 Mekong-10961386 Mekong-4631386 Mekong-3161386 Mekong-3491386 Mekong-350mekong recce31386 Mekong-3631386 Mekong-3391386 Mekong-362mekong recce11386 Mekong-1751386 Mekong-1801386 Mekong-1721386 Mekong-10801386 Mekong-10421386 Mekong-3341386 Mekong-3471386 Mekong-2001386 Mekong-198tra-su-boat-girl-stmekongquilt (17 of 38)1386 Mekong-2261386 Mekong-2281386 Mekong-2351386 Mekong-261mekong-tra-su-sheltermekongquilt-(23-of-38)1386 Mekong-2891386 Mekong-291

And to help you really get the feel of it, here's a great little B-T-S video by Melissa...


NEW: Temples Of Angkor & The Mighty Mekong workshop is now open...

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