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2014-07-03 10:33:01
It is Very essential and useful.
Atiqur Sumon - 3, Jul 2014 @ 10:33
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2011-11-15 21:02:53
Wow and double wow. I bought a month subscription the other day and boy am I impressed with the online videos. Some of the stuff is covered in the Photography DVD - Boring to Brilliant but some of the topics are covered in a bit more depth plus other stuff is new online. I have watched Camera Controls and just about to finish watching the final Exposure video. Brilliant. Mike, you are such an inspiration. I have just told my partner not to allow me to buy anymore photography magazines - nothing compares to hearing you speak about the subject, whilst at the same time giving real life demonstrations. I love that you show your camera setting and what will happen if you do this or that.

Keep up the good work. You have my vote every time.

Thanks and regards,
Sue Leonard - a very happy customer from Blackpool.
Photography Videos online
Sue1205022314 - 15, Nov 2011 @ 21:02
28, Nov 2011 @ 17:25
2011-10-29 11:07:06
Hi Mike & Jayne, I've just watched your DVD and as I now fully expect from you guys, it was brilliant. Mike, you are an excellent presenter, your in depth knowledge & passion for your subject shine through and I'm always impressed with how you manage to say exactly what you want to say without waffle or gaffs (although I know the floor must have been littered with out takes during post production - would've loved to have seen some)

This DVD is perfect for anyone wanting to get more from their camera. I highly recommend it!
Keep up the brilliant work,
Kay Gill
Kay Gill - 29, Oct 2011 @ 11:07
Mike Browne1053
4, Nov 2011 @ 17:26
2011-08-26 10:38:05
This DVD is packed full of really useful info. I really like Mikes style of presenting his vast knowledge to the viewer. It's like he's actually talking to you rather than reading a script like many other presenters. His style of presentation and the way he explains all the info without getting too techincal, makes for a thoroughly watchable DVD. Ideal for novices, like me, and possibly those with a bit more experience. I had a few 'A-ha' moments when I thought, 'I must try that' or 'so that's how it's done'. And you don't have to plough through the DVD to find the topic you want as it's nicely structured into Chapters so you can dip in and watch a particular topic. Excellent stuff.
Well done Mike (and Jayne for the excellent production)

Barry Eaton
TellTell us what you think of our new DVD !
Barry - 26, Aug 2011 @ 10:38
Mike from west of Ireland
3, Mar 2014 @ 11:43
2011-07-20 12:01:03
Hi Mike, Jayne and the team.

Thank you for sending me your DVD, I watched it over the weekend with my wife. We both really enjoyed it and like the way it was all put together and the topics covered with actual demonstrations to help explain things easier.

My wife usually listens to my ramblings about my photography and she has picked up the odd bit but she said that your DVD help clarify things and was easy to watch.

I have been shooting with a DSLR for nearly a year now and was really pleased to win your DVD in your Flickr competition. I felt your DVD is an ideal purchase for anyone who has just bought a DSLR or have been playing with one for a while and wants to get some real results from their camera. I think it's a must have buy before rushing out and buying loads of equipment.

I shoot with a Canon 500D, I have absorbed loads of information in the past year online, magazines and books and I shoot manual and RAW most of the time, I am learning all the time and really enjoy photography and the results I'm getting from it.

There are things I'm wanting to try, such as long exposure night photography, some more strobist stuff and some more beach shots, I want to try and get that cotton candy sea look from a long exposure but haven't got a ND filter, yet :)

Thanks again for the DVD, keep up to great work.

Kind regards,
Your DVD
Adrian - 20, Jul 2011 @ 12:01
Mike Browne1053
20, Sep 2011 @ 14:50


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