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Downloadable courses from camera tips and techniques for beginners - to learning to THINK like a photographer when you're more advanced

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commasopencommascloseThanks to The 7 Building Blocks of Photography, Instead of just shooting - I now know how to check the lighting, composition, focal length options, subject sharpness, exposure and white balance, and don’t feel guilty that I am taking the extra time. I now look forward to seeing my images and know that more of them will be images that I am proud of, instead of just being “images”.
- Gaby Shaw -

7 Blocks of Photography


You can't BE a Photographer if you don't THINK like a photographer

  • Using and predicting light
  • Perfect composition every time
  • Understanding Lenses and focal length
  • How to find the right camera settings
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Beginners Video


Buy this Downloadable Photography Video Course if...

  • You're stuck in 'Auto' mode
  • You're not getting the results you hoped for
  • You often get great pics - but you're not sure how
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Understanding Camera Lenses


Downloadable eBook

  • Know which lenses to buy and why
  • Think of a picture then make it happen
  • Get a great picture even from a bad environment
  • Be instinctive about which lens to use when
  • Be confident about choosing camera lenses quickly
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