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2013-07-16 13:33:55
hey mike! please yo be here. u r a great teacher...u really are. just wanted to ask that whether I should buy a d7000 or d7100 as I m just a beginner though i hav learned quite a bit through ur videos. I seek to take pictures of family n kids n some landscapes. and do u feel the prices of d7100 going to drop any soon or even on Christmas or smthin? plz help. thanx.
buying a new new dslr
deepak - 16, Jul 2013 @ 13:33
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2012-02-16 21:15:33
Hi this might be a silly question but I am looking at tripods how do I know what height I need?
Tripods and heights
Anise - 16, Feb 2012 @ 21:15
17, Feb 2012 @ 13:46
2011-08-25 13:20:37
Nikon and Cannon have released two new cameras in the last few days.
All details have been posted to our Facebook page - Digital Photography - videos, training and tips.
And to our Twitter page mike_browne.
If you are thinking of buying a new camera check out the reviews before you do.
New Cameras just released
Terri - Photography Courses Team - 25, Aug 2011 @ 13:20
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2011-07-25 10:46:13
Hey Guys,

Firstly love the website and the videos are great especially for someone like me who is a complete beginner to shooting photography. I'm amazed i was using the rule of thirds without even knowing it!!

I'm in the market for a DSLR and have a budget of around £1000. I'm looking for a body and lens(s) to keep me going initially with a view to getting more in the future. My question is should I go for a cheaper body such as a 600D or D5100 with a kit lens and buy a second lens with the remaining budget OR a higher end body such as 60D or D7000 with a kit lens and just wait until i can afford to buy a better/alternative lens(s).

The reason i'm confused about what to do is that I'm not 100% sure the focal lengths that will keep me going with standard shooting initially. I also want to the body to last me into the future. Any combinations/suggestions would be really helpful.

Keep up the great work, the videos make photography simple and mikes energy is incredibly motivating to get out there and start shooting!!
First DSLR & Lens
Ian Gracey - 25, Jul 2011 @ 10:46
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2010-11-21 18:06:13
I thought I'd get this party started Mike & Jayne!
My question is - if you could only have one lens which one would you buy? I love the effects you can get with a long lens and having had challenges with my Canon 400eosd body, I don't like to change lens that often. What focal length spread would be your choice?
Which Lens to buy!?
Kay Gill - 21, Nov 2010 @ 18:06
Mike Browne
25, Feb 2011 @ 14:47


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