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Christina Grindey

Christina PortraitHi! I’m Christina.

My love for photography started when I was 17. I had completed one year at college but had no idea what I wanted to pursue. Until I attended a photographic exhibition and knew this was the subject for me. I studied for 3 years and continued onto complete 3 years at university.

I met Mike on a teacher training course whilst in my third year of my photography degree. We worked together as teachers for about a year at a sixth form college. After this I worked in a photographic shop learning about printing processes.

Mike and I stayed in touch for many years and I helped out on photography shoots from time to time. I love getting stuck into trouble shooting and that kind of became my role.

The last few years i’ve worked in marketing in the marine industry and I loved it!

So when mike asked me to join his team to help build a support structure for all you lovely people, I jumped at the chance. So it looks like you're stuck with me! I’ve already started helping Melissa keep Mike in line ;)

My hobbies include keeping fit (to make up for the partying) and right now, house hunting with my awesome man Scott. Aren't we cute!

Christina x